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August 31st, 2003
New GN'R track played on radio?
People are claiming that Q104.3 in New York City played a new GN'R track called I.R.S when Mike Piazza of the New York Mets stopped by.

The story about how the song was played on the show goes something like this:

Three weeks ago, New York Met's catcher, Mike Piazza, was sorting through fan mail when something caught his eye. It was a cd that had "Guns N' Roses, I.R.S." written on it. He listened and when he was invited to come on the air Friday night, he brought the CD with him. They played the song at about 12:15 am.

After the song, the DJ and Piazza were both joking around saying lines like "Boy, does that sound familiar" and "Is that a local band?" Finally, the DJ announces, "That is a new song from Guns N' Roses, it is called I.R.S."

One listener described the song as having a rock/techno feel to it. The guitar work was definitely not that of the Slash era. That was definitely not a bad thing.

Axl's vocals sound clear and although he doesn't scream, as in "Welcome to the Jungle," he reaches high notes, like those heard on "Madagascar" and "The Blues." It fits in with those newer songs and the rock sound was similar to that in "Oh My God."

The song was supposedly played on Saturday the 30th at 12:15 am.


This was posted on the DJ's site:

A HUGE show as Mike Piazza and Jim Breuer return to the studio, and the show makes news again, as we premiere a brand new G&R song! Plus Eddie's All Roads Lead To Sturgis special airs all this Labor Day weekend on VH1 Classic TV!

Posted By Eddie Trunk on 08.30.03

Well what can I say, another huge news making show this past Friday! Mike Piazza returned as our in studio co-host, and came in with a surprise, new Guns & Roses! The reaction since we premiered the new song IRS has been unreal. Mike (who has always been a huge G&R fan) received the CD anonymously in his fan mail. Leave it to the co-host to once again come through big time with a tremendous exclusive! I have been hammered by people looking for copies and to hear it again. For obvious reasons I will not be posting it or giving it to anybody, and more than likely, will not be able to play it again. But for those that caught it, thanks for listening.

Source(s): Q104.3 , http://www.eddietrunk.com/columns/trunkreport.php  
Thanks to: Melissa, Sal, Guns_N_Ballz 
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