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August 28th, 2003
GN'R mentioned in USA Today + Gilby news + Deli Creeps song in a movie
GN'R were mentioned in an USA Today article about the MTV VMAs:


1988:Guns N' Roses bring the noise

In the late '80s, Axl Rose (news) and Slash were the kings of the world among rock fans, and their bracing performance of Welcome to the Jungle is still fondly remembered. "They were just really great," Loder says of the band, which resurfaced albeit in sloppier, sadder, Slash-less form on the VMAs last year.


Read the rest at Yahoo News.

Gilby was mentioned in SPIN (mag) Oct 2003 Issue

THE BRONX, The Bronx (White Drugs/Ferret) The Bronx aren't from New York, and even though their debut full-length is distributed by metal-core label Ferret, they're not the next Ozzfest buzz band, either. They are, however, a fine young maximum-punk outfit who, like Hot Snakes, get their ecstatic tempos from garage rock and their noisy edge from hardcore. Seven of these raucous tracks were produced by former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, who checks his commercial instincts and ratchets up the sleaze. Frontman Matt Caughthran starts the album with a bloodcurdling scream on "Heart Attack American," and before long he's leading a defiant sing-along about quitting both his girl and his job. With the chorus to the dissonant doper anthem "Strobe Life," he neatly sums up the new punk depravity. "I never want to run out." Grade: B+ SEAN RICHARDSON

He was also mentioned in a news story about the Brides Of Destruction:

Tracii Guns claims that the band might do some live dates and that Gilby might play guitar with them.

The Deli Creeps have a song in the movie Flesh For The Beast. Check out the song here.

Official Movie Site.

On the subject of Buckethead, you can see the Bucketheadland2 preview site here.

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