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August 24th, 2003
Tommy talks about GN'R
Here are some GN'R mentions from a Tommy Stinson article in the Star Tribune:


Stinson's freedom outside of Guns N' Roses came into question last year, when rumors persisted that GNR frontman Axl Rose prevented him from joining Paul Westerberg in some semblance of a Replacements reunion. Hogwash, according to Stinson, who points to his current endeavors as proof.

"I can't tell you how supportive Axl has been in all this," Stinson said, calling from his Burbank, Calif. home


Come mid-September, he will reconvene with Rose and the rest of GNR.

"Everything has fallen into place almost perfectly, timing-wise," said Stinson, 36.

"I've got a good thing going on. I can totally immerse myself in Guns N' Roses when the time comes. And when we're off, I've been able to work on my own stuff."


A real 'Democracy'

"I think this is the final push," Stinson said of the recording of GNR's album, "Chinese Democracy," which has been in the works for 10 years.

Stinson said all the "rumors and misconceptions" about the GNR album will subside "once it comes out and kicks everybody's ass."

"I don't think anybody is in a position to question the way Axl writes and records," Stinson said. "It might be a longer process, but it works."

That process, he said, "very much involves the rest of the band. Axl has a way of pulling out the best from each guy in the band, and that takes time."

Part of Rose's process also included taking the almost all-new GNR lineup on the road, which led to last November's tour that came to the Target Center. The Minneapolis show drew only about 6,000 people, and some other shows reportedly had even smaller crowds. The tour eventually was canceled.

Still, Stinson said, "We had a sellout at Madison Square and other big shows. . . . It's a huge credit to Axl that as many people showed up as did, considering there hasn't been a new album in 10 years."

Rose, he said, "is the most misread guy I've ever known."

Stinson reiterated previous claims that the GNR guru is easier to work with than Westerberg. However, despite the barbs that he and his former Replacements bandmate have traded in the press recently, he denied that they are feuding.

"We just talked on Father's Day," he said. "We get along fine, I suppose."


The whole thing can be read here.

Source(s): http://www.startribune.com  
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