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June 19th, 2003
GNR #10 in RS 20 Greatest Live Bands
This is from Rolling Stone:


The Twenty Greatest Live Acts in the World, As Named by Rolling Stone Readers

In May, Rolling Stone e-mailed thousands of readers and asked them to vote on their favorite live act; the only restriction was that the artist had to have toured in the last few years. We got more than 28,000 responses. So here you go - the people's choices!

1. U2; 2. Radiohead; 3. Bon Jovi; 4. Dave Matthews Band; 5. Tori Amos; 6. Phish; 7. Metallica; 8. PJ Harvey; 9. Nine Inch Nails

10. Guns n' Roses
There were always two reasons to see Guns n' Roses: eruptions of decadent hard rock and epic live meltdowns. That was as true in the Eighties as it was on last year's aborted tour of G n' R's new version, which disintegrated amid the usual no-shows, fan riots, lawsuits and alarming headlines. But catch the band on a good night and you saw a glorious storm of anger, frenzy and booze.

LAST TOUR 2002: aborted
BEST TOUR 1989, including two nights opening for the Rolling Stones at the Los Angeles Coliseum, where Axl Rose fell offstage, raged against G n' R drug use, threatened to quit and was called a racist by Living Colour. And, yes, they also rocked.
BEST LIVE ALBUM The only official concert release, Live Era '87-'93, captures much that made the early days astonishing.

"I just think it's a really weird job. I'm not saying it's a bad job, I'm not saying it's a great job. Sometimes I'd rather be doing something else." Axl Rose, RS 627, April 2nd, 1992

11. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band; 12. Pearl Jam; 13. Bob Dylan; 14. Tool; 15. Prince; 16. Widespread Panic; 17. The Roots; 18. Red Hot Chili Peppers; 19. No Doubt; 20. The Rolling Stones

Source(s): Rolling Stone, Issue 926, July 10, 2003  
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