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May 13th, 2003
Random news (Deli Creeps show, Suki Jones, Axl mention, Camp Freddy on tv, Vote for GN'R)
Deli Creeps will play at the Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz, CA on June 7th

Suki Jones will play Dates in June (Las Vegas, Phoenix). Brent Muscat will be replaced by Erik Turner of Warrant.

Here's another Axl mention in a newspaper. Apparently, this story was on the front page of the May 8th, 2003 paper Easy Reader in Hermosa Beach, CA. True or not, you decide:


Hermosa resident Mary Karpenko was awakened from a dead sleep last Wednesday night by the sound of somebody cursing on Hermosa Ave. She looked out the window to see a bandana-clad man pacing beside his apparently broken down 380 Spyder sports car and arguing with a bartender from the nearby North End Tavern. When she saw the cursing man sign autographs for a few passersby, it confirmed what she suspected: he was none other than Axl Rose, the fiery lead singer of Guns N' Roses. Every so often he would pull out his cell phone, pace some more, and scream "F***in' AAA!" Finally he got in the car, turned the ignition, and it mysteriously started. He drove away into the night...

Camp Freddy on TV, this is from their official site:

Thanks to everyone that came to se the band in Vegas, it was a really fun time. The Carson Daly episode airs this coming Friday, May 16th, on NBC after Conan O' Brian, so set your VCR's. Camp Freddy perform two songs on the show, the second of which they were acompanied by the delightful Pussycat Dolls. Don't miss it.

Vote for GN'R in Rollingstone.com's Best Live Band poll. Vote here.

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