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May 10th, 2003
GN'R update from Richard and Tommy
Tommy Stinson played a solo show last night in New York. According to him the band is still with Interscope and are on hiatus until fall.

Richard Fortus was also at the show. He said that they're going to tour in the fall and that the album will be out before the that. Right now they don't have a release date for it. When asked about recent rumors, he said not to believe those. He also said that the guitar work he did with GN'R was quick.

Richard also mentioned he liked the songs from The Project that he had heard.

He also said he checks out the GN'R sites and Axl does too.

Source(s): http://pub137.ezboard.com/fgunsnroses14385thegnrbar  
Thanks to: SlashisGod, Flyguy_1ca 
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