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April 26th, 2003
GN'R @ #6 on MTV's 'Greatest Video Stars' list + The Flaming Lips talks about Slash
This is only the GN'R part of the article since most of it is about Madonna:


The MTV list also names 1990s rock act Guns N Roses at No. 6, though the band has not had an active video on MTV in almost a decade.

MTV viewers have a long memory, Dix says.

"Those videos were epic," she says of the Guns N Roses inclusion. "You felt like you were watching a rock band in their real element."


The complete list:

1. Madonna
2. Eminem
3. Janet Jackson
4. Britney Spears
5. No Doubt
6. Guns N Roses
7. Michael Jackson
8. TLC
9. 'N SYNC
10. Mariah Carey
11. Red Hot Chili Peppers
12. Aerosmith
13. Missy Elliott
14. Nirvana
15. Bjork
16. Jennifer Lopez
17. Foo Fighters
18. Beastie Boys
19. Nine Inch Nails
20. Dr. Dre
21. U2
22. Beck
23. Busta Rhymes
24. P. Diddy
25. Limp Bizkit

For the full article, click here.


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had a preview for the Flaming Lips concert there and the article had a little Slash mention:


Then, in February came the most conclusive sign that things had gotten really weird.

They won a Grammy -- specifically Best Rock Instrumental Performance for the orchestrated space-age pet sounds of "Approaching Pavonis Mons By Balloon (Utopia Planitia)," the final track on the acclaimed "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots."

The victory came as a total surprise to both the Flaming Lips and former Gun N' Roses lead guitarist Slash, a fellow nominee.

As Steven Drozd, the musical genius behind the lyrical genius of founding Lip Wayne Coyne, recalls the ceremony, "Slash is sitting, like, two rows in front of us. And I noticed that as they started to call out the award, they named the category, but they hadn't named the artists yet and he started scooting toward the aisle -- like, getting up out of his seat and moving towards the aisle, like he was getting ready to walk up there. And I thought, 'Damn, man, I guess if you do win, they tell you beforehand so you'll be ready.' Then, they call our name out. So we ran up there, we grabbed our Grammy, said thanks real fast and just ran off. And it's like 'Slash?! What the [expletive] was that dude thinking?!'"


The rest of the article.

Source(s): http://www.naplesnews.com , http://www.post-gazette.com  
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