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April 24th, 2003
Richard Fortus interview with some info about album and tour
Anderson Guitars has an interview with Richard Fortus on their site. According to Roy at Tom Anderson Guitarworks the interview with Richard was done last week.

Here's what he said about GN'R:

Guitars Of The Week For:
The Week of April 20 2003


TAGW: How did you get hooked up with Guns n’ Roses?

Richard: After years of their begging, pleading and general groveling, I finally succumbed and joined the band. Okay, okay…I had done a few sessions with Tommy Stinson (bassist from The Replacements) and Brain (ex-drummer from Primus). Tommy and I had been pretty good friends for awhile so when they were looking for someone, Tommy called and asked if I wanted to audition. At the time I was on the road in Europe so I had to fly from London to L.A. and then back to Ireland during a two day break. Got off the plane and went straight to the audition and then got back on a plane!


TAGW: Which songs do you play on the Baritom?

Richard: Haven't used it live yet with G n’ R. I'm going to use it on “Oh My God” and “Silkworms” (from the forthcoming Chinese Democracy record) live. I've used it in the studio on the new BT record and also on the new Deep Dish record.


TAGW: Are you rehearsing in NY?

Richard: Nope, I'm the only New Yorker; the rest of the band is west coast.

TAGW: When does the tour start?

Richard: Probably not going to start till early Fall when the record is released.

TAGW: How is the band sounding?

Richard: The band is unbelievable. It's like my dream band! Honestly, I couldn't have picked a better group of players.

TAGW: How has the sound of the band changed with you and the other guys making up the instrumentation?

Richard: It's a whole new thing. I never saw the old band. I never owned a Guns record till I got the gig. I think this is a completely different animal though. Don't know how to explain it, but I don't think there is a better guitar-band out there at the moment. How are you going to top Buckethead and Robin Finck? Playing with those guys has been the zenith of my career.

TAGW: Are you doing any singing and if so which songs?

Richard: I just sing back-ups on all the big choruses.


TAGW: If you could give the world one gift, what would it be?

Richard: Actually finishing and releasing “CHINESE DEMOCRACY.”


Read the full interview here.

Source(s): http://www.andersonguitars.com/  
Thanks to: Homfuk, Gauda, Kiki 
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