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October 9th, 2002
No new single has been sent to the radio stations
Guns N' Roses fans will be sorry to hear that an e-mail making the rounds on the various fan boards and mailing lists is, indeed, a hoax, and that a single has NOT been shipped to any radio stations.

The e-mail is purported to be from an unnamed DJ at Chicago's 96.7 Will Rock (WLLI-FM), telling a fan that the station is "in possession of a GNR single," adding that "it came with strict legal repercussions if it was played prematurely" and "only a handful of people here were eligible to hear an advanced copy."

But Music Director Lonny Tyler tells allstar that the station has NOT received a single, but it has received dozens of e-mails from curious fans. He says, "It sounds like someone with way too much time on their hands is sending out mass e-mails saying that they're from our station."

The e-mail, which referred to the unnamed song as "breathtaking," also included a bogus track listing to Chinese Democracy, the band's perpetually pending new album.

Interscope publicist Terry Wang was also unaware of any GNR advances, although at least one radio station contacted said it had been told a single may be forthcoming at the end of October.

We'll see about that! (Sorelle Saidman)

Source(s): Miss Truth / http://www.cdnow.com/  
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