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September 18th, 2002
METALLICA's LARS ULRICH: 'I've Always Had A Soft Spot For AXL ROSE'
METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich has refused to join in on the incessant Axl Rose bashing that has been going on since the "new" GUNS N' ROSES made an appearance on MTV's Video Music Awards late last month.

In a brand new Q&A video posted online at the "Jump In The Studio" section of METALLICA's official web site, Ulrich offers his opinion of GN'R's VMA performance and the imminent return to the music scene of one of rock's most eccentric frontmen.

"In the last two weeks, there's been a lot of Axl bashing going on in various places," Lars stated. "I'm psyched that Axl's back. I've always liked GUNS N' ROSES. My perception was that Axl was pretty psyched to be back on TV and back in front of an audience, because he had a lot of energy maybe a little too much energy. [James Hetfield chuckles in background] But I thought the band sounded good, and what I heard of that new song sounded pretty interesting. I've always had a soft spot for old Axl. So no Axl bashing from me."

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