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July 22nd, 2002
Random news (SummerSonic + GN'R meetup day)
Summersonic.com has been updated and Richard has been added to the GN'R line-up.


I received an e-mail with info about a GN'R meetup day. I never heard of this before, but here's the info:

International Guns N' Roses MEETUP Day is scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 10th @ 4:00PM!

MEETUPs are informal, local, face-to-face gatherings where Guns N' Roses fans of all types can talk about all-things-Guns N' Roses.

Check out the Guns N' Roses MEETUP page to learn more about it: http://gnr.meetup.com/

All MEETUPs are free and are taking place in 540 cities worldwide! We've tried to make it easy by picking some good MEETUP venues for this event, including local cafes, restaurants, and bars.

Source(s): http://www.summersonic.com , http://gnr.meetup.com/  
Thanks to: NA, Gabriela 
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