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June 4th, 2002
Random news (Axl mention in USA Today, Pukkelpop 02, Former GUNS N' ROSES Mom To Publish Book, New merchandise)
There's a Eminen story in USA Today in which Axl Rose is mentioned:


Marks sees a variety of precursors in Eminem, including some outside music. ("What about Bart Simpson?") The strongest links connect him to Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Axl Rose.


The Axl tie springs from their comparable roles as "a lightning rod, a representative of the underclass, a guy not from New York or Los Angeles," Marks says. "Axl was the poster boy for the white guy from the wrong side of the tracks. Both of them are rabble-rousers and whipping boys, and everyone underestimates how smart they are. Both have a certain persecution complex. Their personal lives are messy and tabloidy. They have a bad-boy essence."

Read the rest here


The official Pukkelpop site has posted bands that are performing there this year. GN'R isn't one of them (yet).

According to other (unofficial) sites, GN'R will be playing there on August 24th.

Still waiting for the official confirmation.


Deanna Adler, mother of former GUNS N' ROSES drummer Steven Adler, is seeking a literary agent to assist her in securing a publishing deal for her "much-anticipated" book No Bed of Roses, according to Adler's official Fan Site. If you are an established, legitimate literary agent, you can contact Deanna by sending an e-mail to: stevenadlersite@aol.com


In case you missed it, merch.com has started selling some new GN'R stuff. Check it out here.

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Thanks to: Tracy, Claus, Lars 
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