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March 4th, 1998
Marilyn Manson's Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
In this segment Manson is being interviewed by Sarah Fim (a journalist for a magazine called Empryean Magazine in 1995).


SF: Why do you think it's become so trendy for musicians to make references to Charles Manson in their music

MM: That pisses me off. Axl Rose was in a hellstorm because he recorded a Manson song, and I'll tell you how he got that idea in a minute. Meanwhile Trent was living at the Sharon Tate house, so I end up looking like I'm this Marilyn Manson guy that's riding Trent Reznor's wagon, which is kind of funny. But I never got a chip on my shoulder. I never minded because otherwise I would never have gotten to record there and sleep there and get freaked out by the ghosts there.

SF: That's a good attitude. Why don't you do another line?

MM: Okay, but this is the last one (sucking sounds). So what happened with Guns N' Roses was that Trent took me to a U2 concert one night and backstage I met Axl Rose. He was very neurotic and was telling me about his psychological problems, his split personalities, and I felt like "This guy's a total fucking flake." Being that I'm the overzealous type, I started telling him about my band anyway. And I said "You know we do this song 'My Monkey' and it's an adaption of a Charles Manson song off his album Lie."

And he's like "I never heard of that before."

I told him "You should check out the album, it's cool." And lo and behold six months later Guns N' Roses put out the Spaghetti Incident? and Axl Rose covers "Look At Your Game, Girl" from the Lie album.

Then he started getting all that heat from Sharon Tate's sister and everybody.

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