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March 7th, 2002
Gn'R: Whats going on? Axl's people speak!
This was posted by indiana on the cd.com forum:

Gn'R management company have broken their long silence and spoken exclusively to Kerrang! about the bands gameplan for 2002

(Then some stuff about Roy Thomas Baker and Tom Zutaut getting fired)

A spokesman for their management said:

"I went to the studio 3 weeks ago and heard 41 songs...You're gonna be blown away when you hear them. All this stuff in the papers is rubbish. Axl's got himself together and he's making an incredible, important record."

The spokesman adds that the album may not be called Chinese Democracy.

Brian May said of the tracks he worked on "it was fantastic. I was shocked that they didn't put it out straight away. Maybe its perfection on Axl's part - the desire to make THE album of all time. I played on three tracks, but I don't know if they'll be used.....

The spokesperson said the Axl is "completely immersed in this record. The 41 songs I heard were from the 60 or 70 he's working on."

Brian May adds "It has to be the best in Axls own mind, and an expression of his personal feelings. He's very passionate about it - every single word and note is very personal."

The album is now set for release in the second half of 2002. There are now no confirmed song titles.

"This album will have a big impact on people...People think they have all the answers, but the music will do the talking." The spokesman confirmed.

Source(s): Kerrang!, http://www.chinesedemocracy.com/  
Thanks to: indiana 
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