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August 10th, 2001
Robin Finck news
This from a Seems Like Salvation news story:

Despite the fact former Nine Inch Nails' guitarist, Robin Finck, is no longer the lead guitarist for the live NIN set, but now a guitarist for Guns N' Roses for nearly a year (or so), that doesn't mean he's trailing away from his roots.

I was given permission to report that Clint Mansell recently completed a score featuring Danny Lohner and Robin Finck for the film "Rain," which is scheduled for release towards the end of 2001. There's no word on the soundtrack release at the moment, but more information will be provided by the official site (www.clintatthecontrols.com) in the not to distant future.


Source(s): http://www.nineinchnails.net/news/  
Thanks to: SpecialAgentCooper 
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