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May 17th, 2001
Axl "news"
All of the rumors to the contrary -- simply because we have nothing else to occupy our time where W. Axl Rose is concerned -- he may be in better shape than any human really needs to be, upcoming tours (or not) be damned.

On a fairly regular basis (and schedules are difficult with him because he's "a night person") he is seen jogging up miles of hilly canyon roads near his Malibu-area home. He used to be accompanied by a huge bodyguard/trainer of some sort, but the Justice League must've needed his services because Axl has been solo for months now.

Oh, and that nonsense about his hair? He's able to swim in it, because he walks to the beach to hang out now and again, and it looks like he's safely caught back in whatever decade he was famous in, although he's lost the hairspray. We doubt you could buy a wig that looks, uh, quite like that.

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