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May 11th, 2001
Miss Truth about the tour
While Miss Truth doesn't believe that Axl Rose blew off Guns N' Roses' European outing (see story in news) because of a failed hair transplant as recently suggested by the New York Post, we also don't believe the reason was Buckethead's internal bleeding.

Rumors had been rampant for weeks that the tour was in jeopardy for reasons ranging from Rose wanting to stay home to finish his album to dissention between the KFC-loving one and band mate Robin Finck.

Fans may recall that Finck first hooked up with Rose back in 1997 but left in 1999 to rejoin Nine Inch Nails on tour, at which point the avant-garde Buckethead stepped up to the counter. Finck returned last year in time to join Buckethead and longtime Rose cohort Paul Tobias (a.k.a. Paul Huge) in the three-guitar frontal assault.

Meanwhile, the group had ushered in its fourth (or was it the fifth?) producer and yet again began reworking the hundreds of hours of recorded music. It's enough to give anyone an ulcer!

Interestingly enough, Buckethead has recently stepped up his solo efforts.

Meanwhile, the untimely demise of Europe, which has never been a strong GN'R market, anyway, obviously comes as no surprise given the band's history -- it was more of a surprise that Axl Rose managed to perform two shows this year. However, Rose and whoever is in tow are going to be hard-pressed to find North American promoters and ticket buyers willing to take the risk now.

This isn't good.

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Thanks to: J. Rose 
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