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March 29th, 2001
Pneumonia Knocks Slash's Snakepit Off AC/DC Tour
Ex-Guns guitarist's band showed up for first two shows on winter leg of tour but didn't go on, due to Slash's illness.

Slash, the top-hatted former guitarist of Guns N' Roses and leader of Slash's Snakepit, has called off the remainder of his band's stint opening for AC/DC due to his struggle with pneumonia.

His doctors have asked that the rocker, who is about as at home offstage as a fish is out of water, to stay at home in Los Angeles to recuperate, his spokesperson said.

"I apologize to the fans and to AC/DC, but I don't want to get up there and do a half-ass show," Slash said via a press release. "I hate to let people down, but it wouldn't be right to give them a performance that's anything less than our best."

Slash's Snakepit, who released their second record, Ain't Life Grand, in October, had toured with AC/DC on the Australian hard-rock standard-bearers' Stiff Upper Lip tour in the fall. They showed up for the first two shows on the winter leg of the tour but didn't go on, due to Slash's illness. Meanwhile, "Mean Bone," Snakepit's bluesy, full-throttle current single, will have to sate fans of Slash's stylings.


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