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January 28th, 2001
RIR3 comments from aintitcool.com
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"As you can see it was HUGE . Lots of people . Lots of drunk people . Lots of naked dudes every now and then (most of whom were drunk as well) . All in all , it was pretty sweet . You folks are lucky ´cause! I decided to put together a list of interesting stuff I saw there , " the best " of everything if you will , here we go :

-BEST SHOW : GUNS N´ ROSES . Fuckin´ amazing set of oldies and a few new songs ( which you can already download via Napster ) , played by the new guys in the band , who are truly talented and made everyone´s jaws drop . Axl still has it , just in case you were wondering . The man is back and he´s got a new bunch of cool freaks who are set to conquer the world . Don´t say I didn´t warn you.

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