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January 17th, 2001
Buckethead wannabes/GN'R in Rio
Believe it or not, there are already Buckethead wannabes prowling the streets. As a refresher, Buckethead is the strange, but talented guitarist from the Bay Area who is currently serving as one of Axl Rose's axemen. He wears a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket on his head -- thus his name -- and a white/black and almost-Phantom of the Opera-type mask on his mug. And, yes, he is apparently a God to guitar geeks out there. We saw one such fan wearing the Buckethead mask, the long curly hair, and black outfit (no bucket, though) at the Marilyn Manson show in L.A. on Saturday (Jan. 13). Who wudda thunk?!


Word on the street in Rio de Janeiro before Guns N' Roses hit the Rock in Rio stage on Sunday (Jan. 14) was reclusive singer Axl Rose went quite out of his way to ensure he would not be photographed during the band's set.

Not only were press photographers not allowed in the photo pit, any photography at all throughout the 200,000-plus crowd was subject to confiscation by festival security. As a result, O Globo, Brazil's biggest newspaper, hired its own team of security to fend off festival security in order to shoot from the crowd. Despite Rose's attempts at controlling the world, however, camera flashes were amok throughout the band's set.

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