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December 20th, 2000
Marilyn Manson comments on GNR
This is from an interview in Zero Magazine:


As we talk about the soul of Holy Wood, Manson touches on what he thinks of the current state of music. "I don't find too much I can hear nowadays that has much soul. Being loud and angry is fashionable right now. We're just saturated with this generic metal and hip-hop thing. It's just kind of a stale time in music and that's something we're hoping to change."

This disdain for the music of today prompted me to inquire as to who he thought the last great rock'n'roll band was. "Guns'n'Roses," he answered. He also commented on another musical phenomenon of the last decade, "I never embraced the whole grunge thing, but I have to admit that I really miss Soundgarden and Nirvana. The only other thing to really come out of that scene was me. The whole anti-image mentality that grunge was all about made way for Marilyn Manson," he steadfastly asserts. "I also really loved Jane's Addiction, too." And whom does he admire right now? "I really like Slipknot for their complete nihilistic disregard for everything," states Manson. "They've managed to succeed without any commercial support. I like their attitude and hope to do something with them in the near future.


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