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December 13th, 2000
Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist SLASH has revealed that he would be "dead by now" if he were still with his old band.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM last week, Slash revealed he has no intention ever to return to the band because aside from Axl Rose "there's not one other fucker in the band I even know". However, he did concede that when Guns N' Roses perform live at the Rock At Rio festival on January 14, he would definitely watch them. G N' R will warm-up for the show with a gig at Las Vegas' House Of Blues on New Year's Eve.

"If I was still in that band I'd be dead by now," Slash said. Referring to the five-year wait from Axl Rose for mooted new material he added. "I couldn't handle the no activity... whatever it is that is going on that takes this long, I couldn't handle. I'm way too hyper - got to go out and rock, got to do something."

Of Rock In Rio, he explained that his Snakepit would be in town at the same time:

"We're not going to play Rock in Rio. We thought about it but there's so many bands on the bill and it's just such a crazy gig. We're going to have some gigs of our own, they're sold out. Axl's going to playing with Guns... and we're going to be probably round the block. If I was playing on the same night fuck yeah I'd go and watch. After five years are you kidding?'

However, Slash completely ruled out any sort of reunion. He said that though he was still in touch with some of the original members, he hadn't spoken to Axl in many years.

"One of the reasons I left was because it wasn't the same band as I got into. I might get a sort of twinge of passion if the band was playing something I used to love to play, that's human. But the whole essence of what Guns is about and the whole reason for getting onstage together - the camaraderie, that gang like mentality that makes a band is so gone that I don't see myself going 'Wow - I miss this'. There's not one other fucker in the band I even know."

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