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November 23rd, 2000
Trent Reznor mentions GN'R
This is taken from Trent Reznor 's recent Yahoo/SPIN chat:

Dont_tread_on_me_i_bite: What do you see as the future of rock music, with the death of disbanding of several bands and the rise of hardcore rock? Many good bands such as Smashing Pumpkins are calling it quits

I think the future of any genre of music relies on innovations. And people taking chances. When you have a marketplace flooded with sound alike bands...and I don't have to name 'em b/c you know 'em. Rap rock crap. Post grunge anonymous bands. And that's being propelled by record labels who are much more interested in selling cds than taking chances. Chances on anything that might be unusual or something that might topple this pyramid of shit. I have to have faith that the public is smarter than that. And will reach a saturation point. And demand something of substance. It happened with punk. It happened again with nirvana killed off guns and roses. It can't get much worse that it is now. And I think, for me personally, something that makes me like a band or a project is the feeling that they're sincere. Or they really mean what they say. And I see an awful lot of bands that are real angry, fat guys from CA who are skaters all of a sudden that I donıt believe it. I believe they have flannel shirts hanging in their closet that they had to take of when grunge dies. Hanging right next to the spandex and the Axl rose headband that they had to take off to put the flannel on. And I don't buy it. I see big change on the horizon. And I hope that there are still people out there who want something more out of music than lowest common denominator stupidity. I appreciate you all being here. It means more than you'll know. And thatıs what keeps me going. I won't let you down.

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