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November 18th, 2000
GN'R on some charts
GN'R was at number 9 on VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock" chart. Here's the top ten:

1.Led Zeppelin
2.Black Sabbath
3.Jimi Hendrix
7.Van Halen
8.The Who
9.Guns N' Roses


Sweet Child O' Mine was at number 13 on Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Pop Songs.

Here's what Slash said about the track:


"It was literally me fucking around with the intro riff, making a joke out of it," says guitarist Slash of the song that put Guns n' Roses on the map. The band was sharing a house without electricity in Los Angeles, sitting around the fireplace late one night when Slash began noodling on his guitar. Soon guitarist Izzy Stradlin was chiming in, and a poem that Axl Rose had been working on started spilling out of the singer. "I was the last person in that band to come up with a ballad," Slash says.

"It was definitely a departure for the group as a whole," Slash continues, especially the unabashed lovelorn lyrics, inspired by Rose's then-girlfriend and future wife, Erin Everly. "A week later, we got into a rehearsal studio, and that song was still on the minds of everyone else in the band, and I'm saying, 'Come on, I was only fucking kidding.'" But the classic power ballad, complete with Slash's wah-wah-inflected guitar solos, was undeniable and became a Number One hit in the summer of 1988. Its success helped turn the band's debut album, Appetite for Destruction, into a hard-rock landmark.

"People's moms started buying the record," Slash says. "It was the only disappointment of Guns' crossover breakthrough. We became mainstream, even though we never saw ourselves as a mainstream band."

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