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September 25th, 2000
The Vandals Talk About Guns N' Roses
With regular drummer Josh Freese currently on tour with A Perfect Circle, The Vandals are more than happy to discuss their colourful drummer's issue with GN'R.

"Josh can only talk to Axl through his layers now," laughs Joe. "He e-mailed his resignation because he didn't want to sit around waiting another year, so he joined A Perfect Circle with a couple of his bald friends. That guy has to rock. He's a road dog."

But surely Guns N' Roses are the very antithesis of a band like The Vandals?

"That's why it was so great!" grins Dave. "Beside, I got to go to Axl's house, where I was made to sign a contract of confidentiality. So now I can't talk about the fact that I saw Axl in a dinosaur suit on Halloween or that I saw him push his piano into his swimming pool"

"All the things that we would ever want to do, Axl does," sighs Warren enviously. "Cool things, like getting arrested in airports and stuff. It's exciting to us."

Source(s): Kerrang!  
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