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August 13th, 2000
Josh Freese talks about Axl and Chinese Democracy
Taken from a Bunt Mag Interview with Josh Freese

Lachlan: Anything else? Because, pretty much your the most famous person we've interviewed and you've kept pretty good company in Devo and Axl Rose and we want dirt! Axl Rose. Can you give us any dirt on him?

Josh: Nah.

Lachlan: Is he good in the studio?

Josh: He's great. People always want to hear stories and I can give stories about other people but really it's amazing what a good guy he is, but he just has a bad reputation through press and stuff. Maybe in the past, but I didn't know him ten years ago.

Matt: Whats the album like? Just quickly. Better than the old stuff?

Josh: It's Guns and Roses

Thanks to: SpecialAgentCooper 
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