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July 26th, 2000
GN'R/Axl Mentions in new Rolling Stone
In the latest RS #847, there were a couple of GNR/Axl mentions:

First in an interview with Wyclef Jean of the Fugees, he is asked what artist he would like to work with, he responds "Stevie Wonder, Prince, Aerosmith- and I love Guns N' Roses. I don't know what happened to them. What happened? I could definately convo with Axl."

On the same page, p40, the is the list of raves by the lead singer of Papa Roach, basically he says what he is into. He lists Appetite as one of his raves, "Fuckin' classic. I still listen to that record. Guns N' Roses was the band that really slapped me upside the head. 'Cause I was listening to glam and shit like that, but that band came out and they were just like, 'What the fuck is up?' They came with this fuckin' white trash, fuckin' punk-edged rock. They had that 'Fuck you, wake the fuck up, you're gonna die' kind of shit"

Then later in an interview with Lars Ulrich, he mentions Axl. From p80, "I always have great respect for artists that truly don't give a fuck. That is to me the spirit of rock n' roll. There are so few artists that are pure all the way to that level. People like Axl Rose, Liam Gallagher a few years ago. Obviously Jim Morrison. It's not manufactured; it's true danger. And true danger is a rare thing."

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