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July 10th, 2000
Random news
There's a new GN'R site in development at www.gnrdirect.com. It'll be an online shop and it's part of the Artist Direct Network.

Article from ReQUEST Magazine

No matter what anyone says (and more people than you know are saying it), Buckethead, who recently signed on as Guns N' Roses' latest guitar slinger, is not Mike Patton in whiteface with a KFC container on his long-tressed head. Mike's manager Greg Werckman does allow that Buckethead and Mike know each other--but that's it. "Mike couldn't possibly be in Guns N' Roses--he's in Australia with Mr. Bungle." Oh, we get it. Speaking of Mike, as soon as he returns from the southern hemisphere, he'll begin to handpick members for his latest band, Peeping Tom.

If you'd like to vote for GN'R at the Rock In Rio III poll, go here. http://www.rockinrio.americaonline.com.br/bandas.php3

Nome = Name
Idade = Age
Cidade = City
Estado = State (only for Brazil residents)
País = Country

Artistas Internacionais = International Artists (in other words, GN'R!)
Artistas Nacional = National Artists

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