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July 21st, 1997
Gilby Clarke "The Hangover" press release
For Immediate Release

July 17, 1997 - Paradigm Records in New York has signed a recording deal with former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke. The fruits of the union are unveiled on September 23rd with The Hangover, his first new record since 1995's critically acclaimed Pawnshop Guitars. The album, hailed by Rolling Stone as "***1/2 ...ramshackle performances that exude delight." and Spin as "roaring guitar pop," led to two years of touring including support dates with Aerosmith. Gilby Clarke's new album is a testament to rock & roll's enduring strength. Wistful and nostalgic, but never maudlin, The Hangover is both a tribute to the glory days of rock, and a powerful indicator of where music is headed. With sly references to glam rock greats like Marc Bolan and Gary Glitter alongside mischievous romps through The Beatles' "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" and Bowie's "Hang Onto Yourself," The Hangover stomps on familiar and welcome ground. "Wasn't Yesterday Great" and "It's Good Enough For Rock 'n' Roll" should annihilate the notion that computer programming will ever replace the passion and integrity of an electric guitar in capable hands. "I don't fit in with all the alternative music, but that's o.k" .Clarke muses,"I never fit in with the metal stuff when that was going on." . Gilby, for the most part, gives little thought to where he is supposed to fit in," I make records that I would enjoy listening to."

Gilby Clarke began his recording career with Los Angeles pop legends Candy, whose lone album Whatever Happened to Fun? was recently reissued by Mercury and who are currently featured on Rhino's Poptopia compilation. After a stint with pop-metal cult faves Kill for Thrills, Clarke was recruited to replace Izzy Stradlin in the infamous Guns N' Roses. Guns N' Roses are regarded by many as one of the most significant American rock bands to emerge in the last twenty years. Worldwide album sales total nearly 100 million units, but the band has been on a protracted and mysterious hiatus. Controversial, confrontational and recurrent tabloid fodder, the band's disappearance hasn't quelled the rumour mill. Recent claims have a greatly streamlined version recording a techno album with Moby.

Gilby isn't quite ready to abandon his guitar rock roots. "I always thought a guitar was a great way to make a loud noise," deadpans Clarke. Make some noise he does, enlisting a few friends like Clem Burke (Blondie), Eric Singer (KISS), Waddy Wachtel (Keith Richards, Tom Waits), and former Candy bandmates Kyle Vincent and Ryan Roxie to make a record that is as much of a pleasure to hear as it was to make. Living well is the best revenge and Gilby, far from lying low or feeling bitter, used his unexpected off-time to write, record and make the finest album of his career; The Hangover, a very welcome return to the spotlight and a masterful dose of rock & roll..

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