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May 31st, 2000
GN'R Tour Rumors
Remember this is just a rumor! Nothing has been confirmed!


Guns N' Roses are gearing up to tour America, starting in early July.

This sensational news was exclusively broken to listeners on TotalRock! Radio last night (May 30th) when Testament appeared on Malcolm Dome's show. The Bay Area veterans revealed that they have been offered the chance to support GNR, aong with Dio. "We got a fax with the offer a ew days ago," said guitarist Eric Peterson, "but it's not confirmed as yet." So, how did Testament get in the frame? "There's a guy called De James [note: this could be Del James], with whom I do a lot of songwriting," said Testament vocalist Chuck Billy. "He also writes with Axl, and I guess he out in a good word for us." More info when we get it.

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