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April 13th, 2000
Robin Finck mentions Axl in interview
In an interview with Real Detroit Weekly, Robin briefly mentions working with Axl Rose.

RD: The Downward Spiral came out in '94 and The Fragile in '99. The tours are long, but is it hard for a musician to take a five-year hiatus between albums?

RF: Well, actually, when Trent was doing the record I was touring with Cirque De Soleil, playing guitar with them. It was a completely polar opposite experience for me compared to NIN. I was with them for about a year and a half. I got a call from Axl (Rose), we've been working on a record, but I doubt that will come out any time soon. The drummer in A Perfect Circle (John Freese) was also working with us. That's basically what I was doing while Trent was doing The Fragile. I had kept in touch with Danny, Trent and Charlie (Clouser) and my work was through with Axl. My time with Axl was up. I was excited to come back to NIN. It was right for me. It was right for Trent. The timing was uncanny.

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