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April 30th, 2014
Guns N' Roses shooting for 'kick-ass' residency in Las Vegas
Posted by Nicole Lucht on Apr 29th, 2014

Not a lot is being revealed about the upcoming Guns Ní Roses residency at the Hard Rock Hotel, but it will have lots of surprises, lead guitarist DJ Ashba said.

When asked what will be different from the bandís first Hard Rock residency, he said mischievously, "just live sex shows."

And this is why we love rock stars.

Joking aside, this is what we do know: Things are going to be blown up.

"Last time, we had those crazy aerial artists and strippers everywhere," Ashba said. "Thereís been a lot of talk about doing some really cool stuff and pushing the limit even further, which will be a lot of fun."

Their nine-show residency opens right before Memorial Day weekend, and the band is still working on developing the show.

"A show like what weíre going to bring to the Hard Rock isnít done overnight," he said. "Itís going to take still even more planning right up to probably show time. Thereís a lot that goes into a show like this."

Guns Ní Roses typically puts on three-hour shows, running through much of their hit-heavy catalog.

"Thatís typically just a normal show for us," he said. "But I have no idea. Itís kind of up in the air right now. We want to come in and give the fans a really kick-ass rock 'n' roll experience and thatís our only goal."

The first GNíR residency, "Appetite for Democracy," opened at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in 2012. Like the previous Hard Rock residency, the entire property has been transformed into a sort of Guns Ní Roses campus. Front line staff are wearing GNíR shirts. The Center Bar, elevators, windows, the resortís exterior, and so on, are wrapped in the bandís residency artwork. Drinks and dishes at the resortís bars and restaurants are named after the bandís popular songs.

"I think they even have the little poker chips," Ashba said.

Chas Smith, vice president of entertainment at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, said the campus atmosphere is all-encompassing.

"We found that having every team member involved, versus just the entertainment department, really helps get the word out there," Smith said.

For Ashba, who lives in Las Vegas, the residency at the GNíR campus is like a month-long slumber party.

"Itís almost like band camp," he said. "You get a chance to really get close to your fan base. You run into them in the hallways Ö and itís just cool.

"Our fan base is just the most dedicated, really cool fan base you can ever dream of having. Itís a lot of fun partying with them and hanging out. Their appreciation for what we do is cool. Itís overwhelming."

More than that, the residency will give the band some much-needed time together to weed through about three albums worth of already recorded, but not-yet-released music for a new album, Ashba said.

"This is going to be a great opportunity for this band, to finally be in one place for a solid month," he said.

But even a rock star needs a break. As a Las Vegas resident, Ashba said many visitors are missing out on much of what Vegas has to offer.

"I think thereís a whole Vegas that people never get a chance to experience and thatís the local scene," Ashba said. "Vegas is so cool off the Strip. Thereís so many cool little places, little bars off the Strip. Vampíd is a cool one. A lot of gun ranges, which is fun, because I love shooting guns. Just tons of stuff to do. Vegas is one of those places that never closes.

"If you have a bad time in Vegas, then itís not everyone around you. Itís you. Pretty much youíre just an aĖhole (laughs). Itís hard not to have a good time, though."

When Axl Rose and crew are on stage, they will offer a show that would be next to impossible to do on the road.

"Youíve got to tear down and move on to the next city, so (the residency) definitely allows us to do a much cooler show," Ashba said. "Itís an experience of a lifetime. Itís going to be different from any other Guns Ní Roses show youíve ever experienced."

Guns Ní Roses: An Evening of Destruction. No Trickery! will rip through much of the bandís lengthy catalog and greatest hits on select nights May 21 Ė June 7 at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Showtimes vary. Tickets start at $75.

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