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August 28th, 2010
GN'R members' comments on last night's Reading show
Axl Rose: In regard to Reading we feel at the very least the fans deserve an apology from those responsible for the nonsense. We'd also like to thank the fans for being so great, singing along n' not tearing the place apart!!

Richard Fortus: I don't think there is another band out right now that has the balls to do what we did last night.

Axl insists on doing things his way and not playing by the fucking rules. You can love him or hate him for it, but the fact of the matter is.... he's the real fucking deal. skin, blood and soul. Deal with it or not, but it won't ever change.

Dj Ashba: READING FESTIVAL - Apparently the promoter has had a personal grudge with GN'R stemming from 8 years ago, if this was the case why book the band? He knows our show. Let me guess... To take our fans money and then not allow us to give them a show that they payed for. This was clearly not a curfew thing because after cutting our power like a selfish money grubbing prick, he allowed music blasting through out the venue till the early morning. For us this was all about the fans, the show and the music. For the promoter it was all about the money and not about the fans or the music. The promoter was already being a cocky f$#k in the press before we arrived, so yes we went on a little late, and for this we apologies. However, our fans payed to see a show, and that's why we showed up, too give them just that. Sad that this promoter's music festival has little too do with the fans or the love for music. Last night was insane! They pulled the power, but failed to kill the connection as 90,000 people sang Paradise City. Much love to you all!!!

Dj Ashba: Seems some of you took my post out of context. I in NO way meant that we went on late because the promoter was being a cocky prick. I simply stated that, then I went on to apologies to the fans for us going on a little late. Peace out.

Dj Ashba: Last night was insane! They pulled the power, but failed to kill the connection as 90,000 people sang Paradise City. Much love to you all!!

Tommy Stinson: had such a great time at reading festival til they pulled the plug.queens of the stone age ripped!!! couldn't have been nicer guys.thanks

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal: Hi honey, what a day at the office! Had the plug pulled on us, power shut off - I grabbed an acoustic, Deej turned his amp up, Ax grabbed a megaphone, told him I'd grab 10 random people from the audience and bring 'em on stage for a personal acoustic show, but shit was winding down, local security wasn't lookin' to help, had a bit of a Paradise City sing-along but finally we had to just bid farewell... This is the kinda crazy shit I need, I feel fukkin good - party hoppin with my bandmates for the last 6 hours. Love you!!

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