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June 9th, 2010
Ask Tommy - Friday 11th at 12PM PST
This coming Friday at 12:00p PST brings the debut of ďAsk Tommy,Ē a live video broadcast on uStream where Iíll answer your questions about whatever. If you miss it, donít worry, it will be archived. Itís been a long time since iíve done one of these and it should be good for some laughs. I probably wonít be able to get to all of your questions this time around, but you should still try. If you want to submit questions, there are two ways:

TWITTER Ė Click here to ask via Twitter by including Tommyís Twitter name (@tommy_stinson) and the hash tag (#AskTommy)
FACEBOOK Ė Click here to post your questions on Tommyís Facebook

Source(s): http://tommystinson.com/  
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