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December 3rd, 1999
Beck On Axl Rose, Ice Cube
Taken from a news story about Beck's latest album:


Even though recording at his home in L.A. presented innumerable "found sounds" at his disposal for the self-produced Midnite Vultures, Beck says, "I was more focused on making the songs work." But he does pay homage, if you will, ever so subtlety to Axl Rose and Ice Cube. "Peaches & Cream" includes Beck's spot-on imitation of Axl's trademark "Where do we go now?" and "Hollywood Freaks" kicks off with Ice Cube's lesser known "HEEMAHNUNNN."

"We were listening to an Ice Cube song on the bus," Beck explains, "and he's always going [puts on a voice somewhere between an old man and a dog bark] "HEEMAHNUNNN!!!!' We thought he was saying, "He's my nun.' So on 'Hollywood Freaks,' I start the song with 'HEE-MAH-NUNNN' and you can hear a couple of the guys in the background busting up."

As for the Axl tribute, it's a favorite band expression. "When you're in a band and you're on tour, you're always lost," Beck explains, citing airports as the main Spinal Tap situation. "You're always trying to figure out where the hell you're supposed to be going. Somebody would always go, (puts on scratchy Axl quaver) 'Where do we go now?' We'd always try to be the first one to do that. That, of course, found it's way on the record. There's lots of stuff like that [on the album]," he adds. "We mostly do this for our own amusement."

-- Karen Bliss

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