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April 13th, 2009
Brain in Modern Drummer
There's a Brain interview in the May 2009 issue of Modern Drummer magazine that is out now.

In the interview he talks about working with Tom Waits and GN'R. How he joined the band (Then [guitarist] Buckethead got in there, and he and I have been friends forever. He told me that Josh had quit and said, "Axlís an awesome dude. You should come check it out." So I went in there, and I didnít hear back from them for a while. And then one day I remember Axl calling me and saying, "You know, if you want the gig you can have it, and you can still be on other stuff. You can still do Primus or whatever you want to do.") and the recording of the album.

An excerpt of the interview is available at the Modern Drummer web site.

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