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November 19th, 2008
European Chinese Democracy happenings

Guns N' Roses fans in and around Berlin are in for a treat Nov. 21 courtesy of the Bloodhound Gang's Evil Jared.

The band's notoriously rowdy bass player will host a listening party in the German capital aboard his newly overhauled Berlin Party Bus to introduce Europe to the long-awaited GNR album, Chinese Democracy.

The shindig is scheduled take place in the lot at West Coast Customs, the company responsible for retooling the bus.

Attendees will not only be the first Europeans to hear the new GNR release but will get the chance to buy the disc at the stroke of midnight

Full list of Chinese Democracy release parties in Germany:

21.11.2008 - Düsseldorf, Zakk
21.11.2008 - Göttingen, Exil
21.11.2008 - Mainz, Caveau
21.11.2008 - Berlin, Partybus @Revaler Str. 99
21.11.2008 - Hof, Rockwerk
21.11.2008 - Leverkusen, Shadow
21.11.2008 - Köln, Underground
21.11.2008 - Schrobenhausen, Lindenkeller
21.11.2008 - Saarbrücken, Kulturfabrik
21.11.2008 - Leipzig, Darkflower
21.11.2008 - Nürnberg, Nachtpalais
21.11.2008 - Magdeburg, Factory
21.11.2008 - Gelnhausen, Lorbass
21.11.2008 - Braunschweig, Merz
21.11.2008 - Asendorf, Break Out
21.11.2008 - Weiden, W2
22.11.2008 - Hamburg, Fabrik (The Rock Factory)
22.11.2008 - Rostock, Bunker
22.11.2008 - Frankfurt, Speak Easy
22.11.2008 - Zwickau, Linde Club
22.11.2008 - Coburg, Logans
22.11.2008 - Bochum, Matrix
22.11.2008 - Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik
22.11.2008 - Hannover, Labor
22.11.2008 - Herford, X
22.11.2008 - Siegen, Musikclub Meyer
22.11.2008 - Duisburg, Pulp
22.11.2008 - Ingolstadt, Cafe Durchbruch
22.11.2008 - Bonn, Nachtrock
22.11.2008 - Augsburg, Rockfabrik
27.11.2008 - Ulm, Cat Cafe
29.11.2008 - Hameln, Sumpfblume
29.11.2008 - Karlsruhe, Kulturruine
29.11.2008 - München, Rockstudio


The album will be played between acts at the GN'R tribute band "Guns 2 Roses" concert on November 20th (8PM) at Madame JoJo's on 8-10 Brewer Street in Soho (London W1F OSE). Tickets are £10.

Lose Your Illusion, another GN'R tribute band, will be performing on the album's UK release date (Monday 24th November) at the Zavvi store on Oxford Street in London. The band will perform a number of sets starting at midday.


November 21st (6:00 PM - 3:00 AM)
Rockbaren (Kristinelundsgatan 14, Gothenburg)
Free admission.
Album will be premiered at 10PM.

The Netherlands:

November 21 at 12:00 - 16:00
Fame (Kalverstraat 2-4, Amsterdam)
Free admission

Buy the CD and get a free Chinese buffet. Contests. More information


Chinese Democracy Release Parties Sponsored by Jack Daniel's

November 27th (Thursday)
EIGHTBALL (Pindou 1, Ladadika, Thessaloniki)
Live Bands, Official Gifts and LOTS MORE...

November 28th (Friday)
Bat City (Alexandras Av. 11, Pedion Areos, Athens)
Live Band, Official Gifts, A Jack Daniel's Guitar for one lucky guy/gal and LOTS MORE...

Doors for both events open at 22:30

Thanks to: Funkymonkey, kollemann, Gav, francesco, Bona, remco, Kiki, Christos 
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