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October 27th, 1999
News on the albums....
It seems that the idea of putting extra tracks on the vinyl version of Live Era 87 - 93 is being discussed. Also, having the European version with some extra tracks is being discussed. Rumor has it that both of these are true....

There should be singles off the live album. The first one could be It's So Easy, but nothing had been confirmed.

The next video will probably be Welcome To The Jungle. A version taken from late in the tours. It should be a band video again. Slash and Duff and others are working on ideas for the video.

The Snakepit album is still being mixed in NYC by Jack Douglas and Slash. Rod Jackson, lead vocals, returned to California with his part complete. Looks like they will continue into next week. The release slot given them by the record company is 2/15 through 3/31 next year. When Slash goes home from NYC, he will immediately begin working on the promotional tour of tv and radio stations. He hasn't decided who will go from the band.

Source(s): Dust N' Bones mailinglist  
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