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September 11th, 2007
GN'R on Q104ís All Time Top 104 Album Countdown
The classic rock station in Halifax, Nova Scotia did an online poll of the top 104 rock albums of all time.

GN'R made the list four times:

1. Back In Black AC/DC
2. Appetite For Destruction Guns Ní Roses
3. The Wall Pink Floyd
4. Dark Side Of The Moon Pink Floyd
5. Bat Out Of Hell Meat Loaf
6. A Night At The Opera Queen
7. Led Zeppelin IV (Ďrunesí album) Led Zeppelin
8. Metallica (black album) Metallica
9. Hotel California Eagles
10. Abbey Road The Beatles

17. Use Your Illusion II Guns Ní Roses
19. Use Your Illusion I Guns Ní Roses
64. G Ní R Lies Guns Ní Roses

Source(s): http://www.q104.ca/  
Thanks to: RoCoKiN 
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