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August 21st, 2007
Axl Rose to appear on Sebastian Bach's new album, 'Angel Down'
By Axl Rose

Bas asked me to sing on his new record, "Angel Down," and I agreed and came down to his studio where he played me the tracks. I really liked the title/opening track, "Angel Down," but I didn't feel that it would be right to be on that one, although, of course, it would've been cool because it's a great rip-your-head-off track!!

Since this session was rather a more fun atmosphere, the tracks I sang on kind of showed themselves and were also done out of curiosity on the part of Bas, myself, and his producer, Roy Z, just to see if my involvement brought something that worked for the tracks.

Bas really wanted me on "Bitchslap," and I got to try my own ideas on it. We're not saying much about the second track, as it may be taken a bit further, and when Bas played the third track, "Stuck Inside," he suggested a kind of call-and-answer part. They allowed me the freedom to write my own words and melodies, and although it's only a couple of lines, it really felt great. The song has such a mean riff, and Bas' guys were so supportive in so many ways on tour and fun to hang with, that it was great to be a part of something of theirs and I think it really came out strong.

For me, the three songs together are a good package. They are all different, with different approaches and styles from each other and from material I have on the upcoming Guns Ní Roses record. For me, the timing couldnít be better and Iím quite surprised to be on one song, let alone three!!!

Bas really knew where he saw my involvement on his album and had different options in mind. He knew what seemed obvious, what would be fun, what would work for his album and what he felt I would like. I really liked the energy of the tracks and since I'm rarely asked to do anything I'd actually enjoy or be glad to be a part of, I'm more than grateful for the opportunity and hope the fans get a kick out of it as well.

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