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May 3rd, 2007
Izzy update: New album coming soon
Izzy Stradlin would like to inform all fans that a new album is on the way ~ expect to see "MIAMI" cropping up on iTunes sometime between May and June 2007.

The album, featuring 11 tracks recorded at Criteria Studios in Miami, is described by guitarist Rick Richards as being "a bit of a departure from "Like A Dog" but still quite a rocker!"

Izzy will be trying his best to keep the fans informed of the pending release, stating "I've just finished sending new CD "MIAMI" to iTunes." Izzy has also offered to share one song with the fans directly through ChopAway.com adding: "...to share with the fans until it is actually up on iTunes, there is a ragga song. It's called "fso ragga" ~ and it can be downloaded from the front page of ChopAway.com. A sample of the opening track, entitled 'TJ' can be found at the same location.

The album is an exclusive 'iTunes only' release, which will be available in USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and Europe simultaneously. As no physical CD release is planned, that we know of anyway, we are strongly suggesting that all fans download a copy of iTunes in order to get the album. "MIAMI" features the regular lineup of Izzy Stradlin on vocals and guitar, Rick Richards taking lead guitar, and Taz Bentley on drums. JT Longoria, who appeared on several "Like A Dog" tracks returns to cover bass duties on the album, and friend Joey Huffman takes keyboards.

Taz Bentley, who appears on all of Izzys solo albums dating from 1998 - 2007 recalled the recording sessions for "MIAMI": "We had such a good time recording this one. We did it before Christmas and when we got back home decided it was so much fun that we should go back and do some more." Describing the sound of the forthcoming album Taz added: "This recording is more loose. We spent time jamming the songs out a pinch more than normal. I was in a great place mentally so I think that carried over into the recordings. Izzy, Rick and I found a hole in the wall cuban restaurant that we would walk to every day for lunch. The vibe was relaxed and the songs are as strong and diverse as always."

To keep the fans happy before the album is officially released, Izzy sent along the following message: "In a few days I'll be sending more clips. Probably from the songs "Buildings In The Sky", and "Let Go". " Izzy has also included the album artwork, for fans to take a look at, whilst he also mentioned the origin of the artwork, with Izzy saying: "....Picture with no print....cool!...I shot it in an abandoned steelmill in Ajo, Arizona last week......"

"MIAMI" continues Izzys prolific run of album releases. Starting in 1998 with the scorchin' 117 on Geffen Records, he followed up with Ride On in 1999, River in 2001, On Down The Road in 2002, and finally Like A Dog in 2005.

A very welcome update for the fans I'm sure ~ Izzy signed off with a simple "laters... Izzy".

Source(s): http://www.chopaway.com/  
Thanks to: Will 
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