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December 3rd, 2006
GN'R Back At Full Strength
Guns N' Roses had a great night in Ames, Iowa last night. It was fantastic for everyone to get back on stage with Axl on the road to recovery from the ear infection and the strep throat that caused their Milwaukee show to be cancelled. It was also really positive to have Helmet join the band alongside Suicide Girls, Modern Day Zero and Sebastian Bach after the disappointment that was The Eagles Of Death Metal.

Axl and the band would also like to thank everyone for staying extra late in Ames. They left Chicago in the morning but what was supposed to be a 1 hour plane flight turned into a 12 hour bus ride due to the severe weather that hit Chicago and most of the country. The bus was diverted several times by the police due to major accidents and for a time there was real concern that the band would not make it. In the end it was all good and once again they would like to thank everyone for their patience and willingness to stay up late as well as apologise to anyone that had to leave! They look forward to seeing you over the next few weeks and wishing you Merry Christmas!

PS Regarding the Eagles Of Death Metal and their recent bogus claims Guns N' Roses bass guitarist Tommy Stinson had this to say, "As a matter of fact, Eagles of Death Metal were a suggestion of mine a while ago. Turns out they were the wrong band for our crowd. They were booed and did not play for as long as they were scheduled to.

As for all of the inaccuracies that have been said since, I would like to say that's all they are - inaccuracies. In the past I have thrown my bass. I have never thrown it at Axl or anyone else in the band nor has anyone thrown my bass back at me… yet. Axl has been a dear friend to me for nine years. We have no problem communicating and wish that people would stay the fuck out of shit they don't know anything about. There was no GN'R mutiny or any such thing after the Cleveland gig and as far as I'm concerned this tour has been the most fun yet. The band is playing great and getting along better than we ever have. With that said, either get on board or fuck off."

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