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November 24th, 2006
Axl N' Company Ignite the Metro Centre
Axl N' Company Ignite the Metro Centre

Submitted by Jon Careless on 11.21.06 at 2:56pm.

Once 11:50 pm rolled around, I'm sure many of us were convinced he wouldn't show. We've all the heard the horror stories. Even recently, it was reported Guns N' Roses cancelled their show in Portland Maine because they weren't allowed to drink alcohol onstage. I must say, I was worried.

But after all the waiting, the jeering, and the cheers of anticipation, once the first few bars of "Welcome To The Jungle" came through the speakers, the place erupted. For the next two hours, Axl Rose would have every one of us in the palm of his hand.

Through most of 'Welcome to the Jungle,' it was difficult to even hear Axl's voice over the noise of the crowd. The explosions popped at just the right moments, the crackling noise blasting everyones eardrums as Axl bounded frenetically across the stage. The onslaught of the guitars was even greater than expected, since the band chose to have three guitarists on-stage all at once. Robin Finck and Tommy Stinson were in top form, infusing each song with flashy, screaming solos that screamed 1983.

The concert did have a certain nostalgic feeling throughout, as I guess that's warranted being a Guns N' Roses show. During the sonic, 'You Could Be Mine,' a video screen above showed retro drag racing clips set against changing neon backgrounds. The video illuminated the stage completely as Axl screamed the lyrics to the crowd.

A personal highlight for me was "Mr. Brownstone," a song so obvious in its statement on the struggles of heroin addiction, its almost odd the song has such a raucous feel. The live version was even better than I could imagine. Axl, with his trademark howl blowing through the chorus "No, no, now-oh-oh, he won't leave me alone."

But I'm sure many people who attended this show will say their fondest moment came during the classic 'November Rain,' the rock ballad everyone knows the second it starts. The lights went down and the lighters went up, and the grand piano became the focus of everyone's attention. The crowd sung along with every word too, their hands swaying back and forth. The scene was exactly how I pictured it would be.

It appears for right now at least, Axl Rose and company are exactly where they need to be.

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