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September 1st, 2006
Axl at the 2006 MTV VMAs [updated - now with photos and video links]
Axl was just shown on the online stream showing the backstage action from the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards.

Update #1 [4:40am CET]: Axl was just interviewed by John Norris on MTV's online stream from the 2006 MTV VMAs. The things Axl said were:

The tour starts on October 24th, but the band will play some shows before that.

Axl described the 2002 VMA performance as a "catastrophy" because it was a new band and everything. But he thought it was fun, and the crowd was great.

Axl will be presenting The Killers. He didn't think presenting was his thing at first, but then he met them in Los Angeles the past weekend and thought they were great guys.

Also Axl was asked about Chinese Democracy's release and he said "it is this year".

Update #2 [5:22am CET]: Axl just introduced The Killers live on MTV. He started the introduction with his trade mark "Do you know where the fuck you are?!?" scream.

Update #3 [2:00pm CET]: Here are some links to some photos (WireImage) and the John Norris interview can be viewed on MTV.com (it's right after the commercials).

Photos from AP:

Axl @ the 2006 MTV VMAs
Axl @ the 2006 MTV VMAs
Axl @ the 2006 MTV VMAs
Axl @ the 2006 MTV VMAs

Source(s): http://www.mtv.com  
Thanks to: Raven (video link), Justyna (photos) 
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