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September 10th, 1999
Guns N' Roses Premiere Electronic-Influenced Single
Clip of 'Oh My God' featured in commercial for upcoming film 'End of Days.'

Guns n' Roses returned to the music scene for 15 seconds Thursday night when a clip of their first new song in six years played during a commercial for the upcoming sci-fi film "End of Days."

The track, "Oh My God," included some of the electronic influence rumored to be a part of the hard-rock band's new sound.

"Oh my God, I can't delay this" frontman Axl Rose seemed to sing in an almost incomprehensible, acidic sneer.

"I've been tried ... Like nobody wouldn't know!" he shouted.

Though the track was clearly a rock song, its production had the sheen of electronica, and Rose's vocals were saturated with effects. The 15-second snippet was punctuated by horns and a thumping bass drum. A wash of distorted guitars played while another guitar sliced through the sound with wah-wah pedal effects.

The song is expected to appear on the next Guns n' Roses album, which so far has no title or release date, as well as the "End of Days" soundtrack.

It will be the first original work from the "Welcome to the Jungle" rockers since the albums Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II were released on the same day in 1991. An album of covers, The Spaghetti Incident?, followed in 1993.

The band has gone through several lineup changes in the interim. Rose is now the sole remaining original member.

The commercial, which aired during the MTV Video Music Awards, featured the new track prominently. Interspersed among apocalyptic scenes of churches and urban upheaval was onscreen text about the film's soundtrack, which will also include new songs from Limp Bizkit, Korn, Creed and Everlast.

"End of Days," due Nov. 24, stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as an ex-cop who faces an evil spirit on the eve of the millennium, according to media reports.

-- Chris Nelson

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