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April 1st, 2006
HTGTH update + How to order your HTGTH t-shirts
Due to the recent problems with the current server, the message board will remain closed until the site has been moved to a new server.

Hopefully that will happen in the next few days.

Thanks for your patience.

Since the message board is closed, those of you who want to order a HTGTH t-shirt, here's how:


We're able to offer the HTGTH t-shirts (regular and girls' V-neck) we sold last year again this year!

So if you want a shirt, here's how to get one:


Style: Regular or girls' V-neck
Color: Black or white
Sizes: S-XXL, bigger sizes are available but they're not the same brand / XS-XL for girls' V-neck

Pricing info:

Regular shirt including shipping: 17 Euros in Europe / 19 Euros outside of Europe
Girls' V-neck including shipping: 21 Euros in Europe / 23 Euros outside of Europe

Payment options:

[Payment information removed]

Payment Desctription: HTGTH + Name + username (optional)
Please note that we can't offer special customized t-shirts with your username printed on them.

Also make sure you include what you order and where it should be shipped since this information will be forwarded to the printing place.

If you want to pay by banktransfer, you need to e-mail Nightfall for more info.




This offer will end on April 26th.

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