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December 29th, 2005
Adler's Appetite singer says Steven Adler is a 'good-natured guy'
The Official Steven Adler Fansite (dedicated to the former GUNS N' ROSES and current ADLER'S APPETITE drummer) has been updated with the following message:

The ADLER'S APPETITE message board has an all-new location! Check it out and register at their "Rock 'N' Roll Destruction" board and register now! There's already some exclusive posts awaiting you!

We spoke to Sheldon [Tarsha, ADLER'S APPETITE vocalist] yesterday, and it was clear that he is extremely excited about what's happening with the band. "We are booming right now," he said. "We're going on this huge tour, booked four months in advance, there's like four dozen shows confirmed." Sheldon also wanted us to let you all know that the New Year's Eve gig that was scheduled for the Rainbow in Las Vegas is NOT happening. "Logistically, it just didn't work," he explained. "It in no way affects our momentum. We are just taking a deep breath before we dive in head first. We've got a lot of things planned for 2006!" When asked to elaborate, Sheldon was willingly forthcoming. "Well, for one thing we are releasing a DVD of a show we did in Argentina. Really, it was just an amazing show with some truly magical moments. We're going to be selling that in Europe and then possibly in the U.S. at some time. Everyone is focused! This is our thing. Michael [Thomas; ADLER'S APPETITE/ex-BEAUTIFUL CREATURES guitarist] and I have already started writing tunes that we think are great. Definitely expect a new CD in '06!"

We asked about the controversy regarding the recent lineup change, and Sheldon responded simply, "I just want to focus on the positive. I see a part of me in each one of these guys and it trips me out. We don't care about any bullshit, we don't want to get locked into a box. We just want to get out there and do it. There's no hang-ups, about the name or anything. Steven [Adler, ADLER'S APPETITE/ex-GUNS N' ROSES drummer] always says this is 'our band,' but we know that he is the real energy behind it. We are like the catalyst that makes it happen. Steven's been to the top of the mountain and we're hungry and want to get there, too. We are living his dream with him and want to do as much as we can playing rock 'n' roll. He's giving me this opportunity to tour the world. He's like the captain of this boat and I can help him plot the course. With us, it's the campfire vibe, 'yknow? We all love to hang out. I mean, at the core Steven is just a nice guy. He loves Keri [Kelli, former ADLER'S APPETITE guitarist], and still hopes that he can collaborate with him again in the future. He really does wish the guys the best. Y'know, when he says something like 'so and so is a jackass,' it's not like he means it out of true hatred. Really, anyone that knows Steven knows that he is a good-natured guy." Sheldon eventually had to run, but he left us with this; "Just let the people know that this is the real deal. There's gonna be a lot of output. But we want everyone's input, too. Register at the new board! We are doin' this for the love and nothing else!"

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