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December 6th, 2005
Richard to record with GN'R + Duff performs with Camp Freddy + Small Izzy mention
Richard Fortus has told GUNSNROSESonline.DE that he will return to Los Angeles, after the tour with Nena, to record for the GN'R album.

Duff performed "New Rose" and "Crackerman" with Camp Freddy in Las Vegas, NV on December 4th.

Scott Weiland sang on "Roadhouse Blues" and "Crackerman".

There's a small Izzy mention in a news article about Kiss on Blabbermouth:


Another guitarist who was unknown then, Adam Bomb, has also made it clear he was asked to audition for KISS back in 1981. In Bomb's biography it states that in 1981 "at age 16, Adam was asked to audition for KISS. He flew to Los Angeles and played three songs with KISS." A year later, he'd hook up with future GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Izzy Stradlin and also became friends with future KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer (who back then was still the guitarist in BLACK N' BLUE).


Full story.

Source(s): http://www.gunsnrosesonline.de/  
Thanks to: Nik, conny, Falcon 
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