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November 21st, 2005
GN'R mention in Ross Halfin's diary (including a bit about the Best Of)
This was posted on Ross Halfin's site:


November 19


Slash is on time - he knows Soho well. I get him to sign my prints. Some he draws on, others he signs. He didn't realise or remember I took the photo of him getting the tattoo. 'Hey, they were the bad old days,' he says. If anyone is interested contact the Blink Gallery at info@blinkgalley.com or call them at 020 7439 8585. I take some photos of Slash signing the prints and a picture of Dan and Slash - with Dan ogling his hero.

I go off for a drink with Slash and the very lovely Anja Sorensen (who looks a lot better than Dan) at Slash's hotel, The Landmark, next to Marylebone station. 'Whats this show I'm on?' Slash has no idea. Well, lets face it, it's crap. I always hated having to watch it as a child with my parents. Slash consumes several large vodka and cranberrys and still looks remarkably sober. We discuss the two versions of Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits Vol II. One is done by Axel's management. Slash says the track listing is good but the politics from Axel's management leave a lot to be desired. The other is done by Universal. Slash tells me he hasn't approved either, so who knows what'll come out. 'I haven't seen Axel since 1996!' I remember this because Slash was staying at the Sunset Marquis and hanging out at the pool during the day with my son Oliver. That was when he left Guns N' Roses, saying 'Why ...why ...why...?'

We stay in the bar until 7pm. Slash gets the train to Cardiff - I head off to Sainsburys...

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