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October 12th, 2005
AXL ROSE: More Details About Unofficial Book Revealed
Sorelle Saidman, author of the upcoming unofficial book about GUNS N' ROSES' reclusive frontman Axl Rose, entitled "Axl: The Life and Times of Axl Rose and Guns N' Roses", has contacted BLABBERMOUTH.NET to clear up some of the previously published erroneous details regarding the project. Sorelle's letter reads as follows:

"Hi guys, just correcting some Amazon.com info about my book, 'Axl'.

"The book is actually being published through Harper-Collins in the U.S., no idea if Virgin's involved, but nobody's sent me any checks.

"As per the Amazon blurb, it was never scheduled for an October release, it was always scheduled for April 2006. (Whether that holds true or not I'm sure is up to the lawyers). I did NOT write the blurb that appeared on Amazon.com (rest assured, I know John Bonham is a drummer!), and the book details that Mr. Rose is NOT a drug abuser.

"I've been working on this book for six years. I worked on the Spin cover piece with Marc Spitz in 1999. My own book research was already underway, but I agreed to help in exchange for permission to use all the mag research, so the book became sort of an extension of that piece. At that time, we did over 40 interviews, and less than 5% of that material (at best) was published. I also worked on a VH1 special on [GUNS N' ROSES] in 2002 that never aired (I believe it was a pilot for a new series that died on the vine after the company was restructured), and made the same deal with them I retained transcripts of those interviews. Over the years I've conducted my own interviews with band personnel for my writing/research jobs with MTV, Rolling Stone and Allstar/CD Now. And since that time, I've conducted dozens and dozens of new interviews exclusively for the book, many of them with people who have never been interviewed before. I believe the count is well over 130 original sources, and I've sorted through well over 10,000 pages of documents.

"It's a very detailed portrayal of a very complicated artist, as well as the inside story of the birth and break up of the original GUNS N' ROSES, the new band and the new album, and I'm sure will provide no end of revelations, none of which can be discussed as yet.

"I've handed in most of the book. The publisher and their lawyers are going through the first draft while I continue to fact check and augment."

To pre-order a copy of "Axl: The Life and Times of Axl Rose and Guns N' Roses", visit Amazon.com.

Source(s): http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/  
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